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Consent is more than saying yes!


is when a person agrees or gives permission to another person to do something.


is an agreement to participate in an intimate activity, such as kissing, touching, having sex.

Understanding CONSENT is essential for living relationships well.

Giving your consent is more than saying yes!

Consent is easy as FRIES!

FREELY GIVEN: Having an intimate relationship with someone is a choice that must be taken free of pressure, manipulation or obligation. This choice should not be taken under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

REVERSIBLE: Everyone must be able to change their mind about what they want to do at any time, even within a couple. Respecting your partner’s decisions and will is always necessary. It is okay to say yes and then change your mind!

INFORMED: Consent means that everyone is fully aware of their actions and decisions in all moments of an intimate activity or relationship.

ENTHUSIASTIC: Consent must be enthusiatic. If a person does not seem enthusiastic or convinced about what they are doing, stop and ask for confirmation.

SPECIFIC: Giving your consent to something, for example, a kiss, does not mean giving your consent for something else as well.

Consent is essential because without it, sexual activity is violence.

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